INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS REPRIMAND GERMANY FOR BREACHING FUNDAMENTAL MINORITY RIGHTS OF SLAVONIC INDIGENOUS PEOPLE – A team of International lawyers engaged by the SERBSKI SEJM, the Sorbian / Wendish People’s Parliament in Lusatia, Germany, set out relevant legal remedies and points of claim against the Federal Republic of Germany for disregarding fundamental minority rights and send letter to the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF INTERIOR (BMI).

On Monday, 10.07.2023, international lawyers from DOUGHTY STREET INTERNATIONAL (DSI) published their initial analysis of potential legal remedies available to the SERBSKI SEJM. It specifies the main demands, legal bases and procedural paths for the Sorbian / Wendish people's representation and sets out concrete rights for the Sorbian / Wendish people and their democratically [...]

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Brussels, 25th February 2022 The SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement and its PARTNERS condemn in the strongest terms the Russian invasion of the REPUBLIC OF UKRAINE, assisted cowardly by the satrap government of Belorussia, which constitutes the strongest violation of International Law and an unprecedented act of aggression against a free democratic and independent country and people [...]

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LUSATIA GLOW Smart Integration Initiative officially launched by SLAVONIC EUROPE & Partners in Brussels

On 8 February 2022, the innovative European Smart Integration Framework Programme LUSATIA GLOW has been launched in the Press Club Brussels Europe, Rue Froissart 95, 1040 Brussels, as an initiative of the Czech-Slovak Brussels based SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement (SE) and its partners from SERBSKI SEJM, Lusatia / DE, ŁUŻYCKI ALIANS, Wrocław / PL and LUŽICKÁ [...]

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ŠUMAVA SPRINGS – Foundation of the open-air JAN HUS SLAVONIC CULTURAL FORUM as a cultural ambassador at the Czech-Bavarian border under the High Patronage of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Dr. Lubomír ZAORÁLEK

On 10 August 2021, the ŠUMAVA SPRINGS (SSP) project has been launched in Poleň, Klatovy, Chudenice (CZ) and Blaibach, Castle of Miltach (DE) in the presence of representatives from culture, politics and the civil society from Czech Republic and Bavaria as a Czech-Bavarian cross-border cultural initiative in order to set up a comprehensive and [...]

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SLAVONIC EUROPE FOUNDATION goes international – Official Presentation in Luxembourg

On 19 February 2020, the SLAVONIC EUROPE FOUNDATION has been officially presented in Luxembourg to a broader public in the framework of the Marketing. Communications. Executives. International Cercle - MCEI International - Lunchtime Conferences at the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City. The presentation has been opened by an introduction given by the MCEI [...]

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SLAVONIC EUROPE – International Economic Conference on Health Tourism in Busko-Zdrój, Poland – 12-15 June 2019

David CHMELIK, President of the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement in Brussels, was one of the invited Special Guests of the International Economic Conference on Health Tourism in Busko-Zdrój, Poland, which took place between the 12-15 June 2019 in this extraordinary Spa resort in Eastern Poland. LIST OF SPECIAL GUESTS INVITED TO THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC CONFERENCE IN [...]

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INTERVIEW: President of SLAVONIC EUROPE, David CHMELIK, in Belgian Radio and TV channel RTBF – Les Belges du Bout du Monde

On 20 January 2019, one of the leading Belgian Radio and TV channels, RTBF, invited David CHMELIK, President of the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement, to speak in the framework of the RTBF emission Les Belges du Bout du Monde – with specific focus on Bosnia – about his innovative bottom-up Slavonic initiative in Brussels, explain [...]

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Friends of Europe’s 2018 Balkan European Policy Summit in Brussels – SLAVONIC EUROPE represented by its President, David CHMELIK

The annual Friends of Europe’s 2018 Balkan European Policy Summit, having the motto Enlargement, integration and the challenge of transformation, was held on 4 December 2018 in Brussels in the Renaissance Hotel close to the Place de Luxembourg and vis-à-vis the European Parliament and was attended by a high level international public. Among the [...]

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PUBLICATION: SLAVONIC HOUSE – The SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement released its most recent programmatic publication.

In its new publication, released on 27 November 2018 and bearing the title: SLAVONIC HOUSE – FOR A NEW EAST-WEST DIALOGUE, the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement outlines its programmatic conception of a Slavonic position in the 21st century and presents its pivotal project – the SLAVONIC HOUSE. With a foreword from Jan KASL, Mayor of [...]

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SLAVONIC EUROPE – The Timeless Togetherness of MIND & EMOTION

“The idea of HUMANITY and BROTHERHOOD is a gift from the Slavs to the entire world civilization.” Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1850-1937) SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE) is a European project aiming at establishing a Slavonic cultural movement at an international level. It started in autumn 2015 in Brussels and intends to give subsequently back to the world [...]

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