Linking visible and invisible – the world as MIND & EMOTION

The mankind needs more ART. It needs more roots, more devotion and more affection – it needs more togetherness. It is the specific feature of Slavonic people to embody and express both – MIND & EMOTION – at the same time: The Slavs are born artists. They are born mediators.

The SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement has the ambition to contribute to a sounding bridge between the people and cultures and it is for this reason that it kicked off the project of an


aiming at connecting people and bridging regions and cultures. It is an integral part of the overall strategy and philosophy of SLAVONIC EUROPE: To emphasise ARTS and SENSITIVITY as the most trustful envoys for human relations and the understanding between human beings. It is the binding medium of human perception, togetherness and visionary creativity having the particular potential to open the world of


where the contemporaneity of MIND & EMOTION – represented in an exemplary manner through the medium of ART – allows for a holistic view of the world surrounding us. From this angle, the material and the immaterial sides of our existence are not separated, but are instead seen, felt and lived as a whole.

It is one of the specificities of the Slavs to dispose of and to display naturally this phenomenon of CONTEMPORANEITY & SYNESTHESIA – binding rationality and emotionality at the same time – a special feature of the Slavonic character which supports increased creativity and facilitates the trend to interdisciplinary approaches. A sounding bridge bringing young people together and contributing to their further personal and professional evolution, this is the ultimate objective of the SYP, which will have its permanent headquarters in the SLAVONIC HOUSE in Brussels irradiating from there innovation, emotiveness and a new piece of FUTURE.

For more information, please consult the SYP conception document.

SLAVONIC NEW WAVE (SNW) - Conception Brussels - EN - 26 February 2021