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The SLAVONIC HOUSE will be the face & the beating heart of SLAVONIC EUROPE – an excellent and unique place for cultural activities at the heart of the Brussels European Quarter

The SLAVONIC HOUSE will be the first phenomenon of its art and unique in the world: It will be the coordination and organisation centre of all SLAVONIC EUROPE artistic, scientific and innovation activities as well as the hosting place of Slavonic companies and associations from all 13 Slavonic countries. In this sense, it will create important synergies between arts, science, innovation and business resulting in a mutual win-win situation. Moreover, the SLAVONIC HOUSE will open to the whole Slavonic community worldwide and host the Slavonic International Network – physically and virtually.

Moreover, the SLAVONIC HOUSE will be the home to all Slavs in Brussels and beyond – their very and proper Headquarters at the heart of the Brussels European Quarter giving the opportunity to everybody to present to the international public out of a strategic pool-position par excellence the best and the finest one can offer.

Finally, the SLAVONIC HOUSE will be a new and innovative Slavonic Think Tank in Europe developing new and far reaching ideas and forward-looking visions:

The idea of Slavonic identity and togetherness will only persist and be a legitimate one, if the Slavs have something new to give to the world – something which is enriching and contributes to the world’s progressive positive evolution towards HUMANITY as mutual respect and recognition and mutual solidarity. It is only in this broad international context that SLAVONIC EUROPE and its beating heart, the SLAVONIC HOUSE, make really sense as a worldwide innovative place and movement giving home and shelter to all Slavs around the world – and adding to the inner driving force of a better and finer civilization around the globe.

SLAVONIC HOUSE Presentation Magazine
SLAVONIC HOUSE Presentation Magazine