The LUSATIA GLOW - European Integration Initiative


THE BEATING HEART – A new paradigm of smart integration as an innovative grassroots cohesion approach for a New EU with cross-border minorities as bottom-up driving forces

LUSATIA GLOW (LG) is a Framework Programme representing the gravitation field of a new approach to the European integration. As a central cross-section programme connecting under the SLAVONIC NEW WAVE (SNW) Initiative the individual sectors of ARTS, DEMOCRACY, EDUCATION & ECONOMY it outlines a comprehensive trans-European synaptic network being the framework as well as the impulsion of the European cultural integration.

The LG project has been initiated and is centrally coordinated by the SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE) Organisation in Brussels, Belgium with altogether 3 distinct territorial coordinators in the Lusatia region: The SERBSKI SEJM in the German Lusatia (Saxony and Brandenburg), the ŁUŻYCKI ALIANS in the Polish Lusatia (Lubusz and Lower Silesian Voivodeship) and the LUŽICKÁ ALIANCE ČR in the Czech Lusatia (Ústí and Liberec Region).

The Slavonic cultural and linguistic differentiation with common civilisation roots is a chance and a specific expertise the Slavs can use and offer today to the rest of Europe – and the world – as a smart and evolutive European Integration Instrument.

The linguistic and dialectal diversity of the Slavs and of whole Europe – which used to be an obstacle for so long during the ages of empires and centralisation – is nowadays an absolute advantage in our democratic society, where everything is based on free decision and individual motivation and built and dependent on mutual cross-border communication.

It is a ‘space of cultural cells’ and connecting ‘synapses’ which no one else in Europe – and perhaps in the world – can offer as a unique organic bottom-up integration approach at a grassroots level.

The cultural grassroots function of the cross-border minorities is the natural arithmetic of the European Integration.

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The LUSATIA GLOW - European Integration Initiative