On 19 February 2020, the SLAVONIC EUROPE FOUNDATION has been officially presented in Luxembourg to a broader public in the framework of the Marketing. Communications. Executives. International Cercle – MCEI International – Lunchtime Conferences at the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City.

The presentation has been opened by an introduction given by the MCEI International President in Luxembourg, Mr Philippe HAQUENNE, followed by a welcome address from H.S.H. Princess Sophie of HOHENBERG, the High Patron of the SLAVONIC HOUSE project in Brussels.

The Founder and President of the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement (SE), Mr David CHMELÍK, explained the mission and the main objectives of SE as well as the specific content and the function of the newly set up SLAVONIC EUROPE FOUNDATION, which is an entity under Belgian law having as an SE executive body the explicit objective to support and implement all non-for-profit projects and actions of SE at international level.

Below you find the Preface by H.S.H. Princess Sophie of HOHENBERG from the SLAVONIC EUROPE FOUNDATION brochure.

Preface by H.S.H. Princess Sophie of HOHENBERG

For further information on the SE Movement as well as the mission of the SLAVONIC EUROPE FOUNDATION, please consult the following presentation and the FOUNDATION website.