International Network for Slavonic Cooperation

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the SLAVONIC EUROPE website!

I am glad to present to you our new Slavonic network in Brussels, which aims at giving the floor to all Slavonic nations and all Slavs worldwide. Never before such an undertaking has been launched to encourage the Slavonic togetherness on cultural grounds and set up a platform for an innovative new East-West dialogue. This should constitute a substantial contribution to the consolidation of Mid- and Eastern Europe – and thus a contribution to the cohesion of the whole European continent.

The SLAVONIC EUROPE approach is a new and a long overdue one: Integration by cultural consolidation. It is a bottom-up exercise histrorically justified and logically structured underpinned by plausible and natural propensities. It desires to contribute to something, which became a scarce and critical good in Europe: Personal attraction and emotional devotion.

Europe can be a strong and at the same time diversified continent – if we have courage! SLAVONIC EUROPE seeks to find the strength and richness again, which characterised and distinguished the European continent for such a long time, by giving an example of a way forward: A way without fear marked by stamina and creativity.

I invite you to have a look on our website and join our movement!

Hearty greetings


David CHMELIKPresident


Culture is the creative foundation of each modern society. Its multiple expressions – music, fine arts, architecture, literature, theater, film – create the basis for the own search for identity and for the mutual dialogue between people, nations and continents. Without its genuine and original culture any society or state is rootless and lacks stability and orientation. This is the reason why SLAVONIC EUROPE emphasizes the importance and power of culture as the deepest roots of people and the very expression of creativity and innovation.


The concept and ambition of SLAVONIC EUROPE is oriented above all towards the classical definition of Culture as the Unity of all artistic, scientific and intellectual achievements of a society – of Arts, Science and Innovation – including in this conception all individual Slavonic nations in Europe and around the world as well as their companies, organisations, associations and citizens. While open to all Slavs around the globe representing their common Home and Shelter, the name SLAVONIC EUROPE, consciously chosen by its founders, points towards the very origins of all Slavs, which lie in Europe and which represent the common link between all of them wherever they might live and be located in the world.


The search for consciousness of a common Slavonic identity among the Slavs being one of the priority objectives of the SLAVONIC EUROPE undertaking, its other principal motion is to reach out to the non-Slavonic world and enter into a cultural dialogue, which should raise awareness about the richness and diversity of the Slavonic culture on the one hand and contribute at the same time to build a bridge between East and West – in Europe and even between the continents.

This kind of cultural exchange doesn’t take place in Brussels at the present, although it might appear as the ideal location for such an intermediary role given its importance as the place of the European institutions and an international geostrategic crossroads.

SLAVONIC EUROPE claims as the International Network for Slavonic Cooperation this intermediary pivotal role: It wants to put people together from East and West around the wide, deep and manifold topic of culture, which comprises art, science and innovation and is the starting and the ending point of human creativity. Via its future headquarters, the fully integrated SLAVONIC HOUSE in Brussels, SLAVONIC EUROPE will carry out the long-overdue bridging between the Slavonic people and whole of Europe and the world.