Setting the means and framing the way to the progress of civilisation

Flourishing culture is subject to a sound and well-functioning free ECONOMY. No civil society can ever develop a broad and long-lasting tradition of creativity and ensure profound educational standards, if there is no solid economic basis to be anchored on. On the other hand, ECONOMY needs creativity, free movement and a thorough and high-quality educational infrastructure to be able to deploy its maximum efficiency. The means and the framework of culture lie on economic grounds and both influence one another.

ECONOMY is one of the four thematic sectors of the SLAVONIC NEW WAVE (SNW) Framework Programme. It consists of individual concrete projects representing the actual potential of the SNW in the domain of ECONOMY and shaping in this way the overall cultural profile of the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement.

A crucial strategic partner in the sector of ECONOMY for SNW is the Lusatian Sorbian association