Europe’s 13 Slavonic nations have a new platform in Brussels

Why leave a promising job at the European Commission to set up a cultural movement aimed at bringing together Europe’s 13 Slavonic nations? We spoke to Slavonic Europe’s founder and president David Chmelik. Chmelik left the European Commission’s directorate general for budget to set up a unique new concept, a Slavonic Europe association aimed at [...]

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300th Anniversary of Peter the Great’s Visit to Belgium: an Example from the Past

Interview with SE President David CHMELIK in the Brussels Express from 19 July 2017 When Brussels feels too tight and you need a change of scenery for a day or two, hop on a train and visit one of Belgium’s fascinating and picturesque cities, Liège. The several surprises the city may offer you, such as [...]

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Slavonic Europe wants to unite in Slavonic House

Interview with SE President David CHMELIK in the Dutch weekly magazine Elsevier Weekblad from 15 September 2017 Brussels gets a new house. After the Holland House, the EU capital will get a Slavonic House in 2020. The Czech-German David Chmelik (49) has found Belgian investors to buy a building in the European Quarter at Rue [...]

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SLAVONIC EUROPE – The Timeless Togetherness of MIND & EMOTION

“The idea of HUMANITY and BROTHERHOOD is a gift from the Slavs to the entire world civilization.” Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1850-1937) SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE) is a European project aiming at establishing a Slavonic cultural movement at an international level. It started in autumn 2015 in Brussels and intends to give subsequently back to the world [...]

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