On 14 & 15 July 2022, the LUSATIA GLOW European Minorities Network (EMNet) has been launched on the spot in Dresden and Bautzen / Budyšin, Germany by the SLAVONIC EUROPE Movement and its partners of the SERBSKI SEJM – the democratic representation of the Sorbs / Wends elected in a free, direct, equal and general election in Germany -, the ŁUŻYCKI ALIANS from Wrocław, Poland and the LUŽICKÁ ALIANCE ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA from Jindřichovice pod Srmkem, Czech Republic.

Partners from 6 cross-border crossings from all over Europe – GLOWS -, who are representing the European Minorities Network (EMNet), presented the status quo of their developed programmes and explained the specific situations in which their planned projects are framed – from the Black Sea to the Atlantic – passing by Bulgaria/North Macedonia/Serbia – SLAVONIC GLOW (SG), Serbia/Romania/Hungary/Croatia – DANUBE GLOW (SG), Slovenia/Austria/Italy – ALPE ADRIA GLOW (AAG), Slovakia/Czech Republic/Poland – TRIPOINT BESKIDS GLOW (TBG), Belgian/Germany/Netherlands/Luxembourg – EIFEL GLOW (EG) and Spain/Portugal – ATLANTIC GLOW (AG).

As a 7th cross-border project sui generis, the UKRAINIAN GLOW (UG) initiative has been started as a dual integration project aiming at the integration of Ukrainian citizens in Europe in their respective host countries as well as the integration of the citizens of the European Union within the Ukrainian culture, history and geopolitical setting. A delegation from the Brussels based organisation PROMOTE UKRAINE has been welcomed in Dresden and in Budyšin as a special guest of honour led by its founder and President Ms Marta BARANDIY giving an impressive statement and testimony of democracy and the full determination to fight for the values of humanity and rule of law, which are the values of all Europeans.

The President of the European Commission, Ms Ursula von der LEYEN, expressed explicitly her support of the very ideas of the LUSATIA GLOW EMNet project and wished the conference in Dresden and Bautzen luck and success.

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