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Dear potential Supportive Partner,

The SLAVONIC EUROPE movement seeks support for its cultural programme and networking activities and offers in exchange a wide range of services to its supportive members at European level starting with Public Affairs and Networking and carrying on with targetet Lobbying, EU-Funding information & support and concluding with a fully ranged virtual Brussels Office Management.

At the same time, these mutual services – called SUPPORTIVE PARTNERSHIPS – are part of the SLAVONIC EUROPE movement’s Slavonic cooperation activity and network such as set up in its basic conceptual outline regardig the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR SLAVONIC COOPERATION.

For further information how to become an SE SUPPORTIVE PARTNER, please consult the inclosed presentation document and contact our SE SUPPORTIVE PARTNERSHIPS expert:

SE Public Relations Director

T +32 2 403 36 37
F +32 2 403 36 43
M +32 485 12 49 35

We would be very happy to welcome you in our SUPPORTIVE MEMBERS NETWORK!

Thank you very much for your interest,

With kind regards


Please, click here to download the presentation “SLAVONIC EUROPE: SUPPORTIVE PARTNERSHIPS – How can Slavonic companies and associations support the Slavonic Europe project and benefit it?”

SLAVONIC EUROPE - Supportive Partnerships